Friday, December 2, 2011

The Beginning

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” ~Lao Tzu

 Many have asked why I have chosen to put my name in the political ring, especially so early on (reelection is not for another two years). The answer is that I must. Unlike the other candidates, I do not have any strong supporters nor am I financially capable of starting any later than now. Because I am so young, it is also quite important to me to prove to this city that my intention to run is serious. If I were to wait until the year of Mayor Landrieu’s reelection, there would not be nearly enough to time for you to get to know me nor for me to prove myself. My intention, like the other candidates, is to win.

I have been intrigued and fascinated by the political system of America for quite some time. The ever changing flow and movements of ideas and beliefs is truly a sight to behold. We are forever changing as a country, constantly evolving. Unfortunately, I believe that this same amount of change is not being felt in New Orleans for a lot of reasons; corruption, lack of interdepartmental communication and unification, fraud, education, blighted housing, homelessness, lack of jobs and job security, terrible road conditions, too much risk of natural disaster, etc. Their are many more, but this is to just to cover some of the basics. These city wide issues have led to a halt in natural and potential progress. It saddens me to see that the rest of nation is evolving, yet we are not. It seems that we are stuck in a cyclical pattern that casts an unfair perception upon the city. The leaders of this city, both past and present, have attempted to "fix" this city, but all that they have done is do nothing more than a simple patch job; eventually the pot hole will reemerge, deeper and darker. It is time to stop trying to patch an inescapable fate. We need a chance, we need a new idea, we need a new foundation, and we need action. The ground on which this city's issues and problems lay upon must be tore up and restructured, it needs to be constructed slowly and carefully; measured by the rule and the square. It is time to stop trying to fix what is broken. It is time to start over and create something new.